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Is your hair addicted to the creamy crack? (pt2)

wardrobe wednesday…

creamy crack2

On a continuous struggle to convince myself not to perm my hair again, I conclude that the creamy crack is truly addictive. And I didn’t wake up and decide to embrace my inner black woman. No, I was weaving it up! I was a red head then I went blonde.

The blonde looked nice on my complextion and I lightened it a little more. Peroxide at home was not my friend. I remember washing my hair thinking, “my weave ponytail is gonna be fierce.” I started blown drying my bright yellow hair and each time a little more hair either came out with the brush, or I was able to see so many short pieces, where my hair wasn’t short.

In a moments notice, I had scissors in my hand and I was whacking away. Before I knew it my hair was as short as a 6 month old. I’d always had decent hair, so I can not explain why I was so into weave in the first place. Maybe it was the versatility that it allowed so frequently being able to switch it out like jeans or heels. Read More and Answer the Poll


Is your hair addicted to Creamy Crack? (pt1)

te·na·cious tuesday…

creamy crack

As a black woman I have tested the tenacity of my hair so many times by trying a variety of products, styles, and weaves to alter the texture and/or look of my hair. I permed it for the first half of my life then I colored it and bleached it. I gelled it and hot roller set it. I damaged my hair once with my home kits, colors, and my one year of Cosmetology School and was forced to cut it.

I glued the weave in, had it sown in and I even wrapped it around my ponytail for a stallion-esque appearance.  All along hating on the girls who had “good hair”, trying to imitate the baby hair around the hairline, and wondering like Chris Rock’s daughter- why I didn’t have good hair. Read More


From Bundles to Bald…

i’m just saying…

solangesolange bald

Seriously!!! I don’t care….

Why does anyone care, how people are cutting their hair. Other than “Oh that’s cute” or “ewwh, I dont like it.” Guess what you don’t have to look at her, and no one is forcing you to cut yours.

Why the girl have to be going through something or seeking attention. Why cant it just be hot as hell outside and she is tired of spending her money on bags of weave. India Arie told you folks “I am not my hair”…. I’m just saying…

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