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what’s your addiction?…

i’m just saying…

Losing weight is the second hardest struggle of my life. *Pause… let me get more comfortable* Is it realistic to expect a crack head to be in a room full of crack and not use? What about an alcoholic?

Do you take them to an open bar (if you care about them) and expect them not to drink?  No, you don’t- especially the crackhead! (Maybe I should alter the term crackhead, not wanting to offend anyone- although if you use crack,??? Ummm go figure)

Why then, do people undermine or make light of the struggle of overeaters? This is the only addiction that I can think of that is Read More


Hit and run…

wtf friday…
car crash, wrecks, 285 atlanta

It’s taken me an entire week to find the words (alternatives to a string of curse words of course) to share my last Friday evening events. The day was going well, I spent time with great people, and all was right with the world.

When I was ready to leave my destination and head home it was raining. It was late (11:30pm) and only getting later, so I proceeded to leave, careful not to speed with the roads being wet (I wasn’t even going 60mph). I saw a vehicle rolling up on me, and I was thinking he was one of those people going to show me I was driving too slowly.

You know how some drivers are insane, and want to get right up on your back and then let up. Well I was in the far left lane and really had no where to go. I watched his headlights getting close then start to coast towards my right. Read More


will you accept someone else’s gift…

thought thursday…

presents bought and received for other people

In a recent conversation a woman was sharing a story of how she’d purchased a gift for her then boyfriend. She was waiting on the right time which became not the time at all to give him the surprise.

They soon broke up and she decided to keep the gift, not being able to return it because she’d lost the receipt. Entering in a new relationship, she told me that she really liked the new guy, who happened to have a birthday approaching.

They were going to be dating about 6 months when his birthday rolled around, and she asked me if she could give him the gift she’d bought for her ex? Read More


a quote…

finish each day


brown boy…

mechad brooks- true blood- desperate housewives-The Game

I had to post Mehcad Brooks (True Blood, Melanie’s boyfriend Jerome, on the CW’s The Game) was spotted running in the Tag the World celebrity triathlon in Hawaii this weekend. He was sweaty and shirtless. This is my last tasty treat for a few days, I don’t want to start anything with he.


My secret crush…

i’m just saying…

Forget what you heard. Wayne Brady is hot! (I dont know why the video says Waybe- but whatever) I am so tickled as I type this because his hairline was pointed out to me by a gentleman once, but I don’t even care. He’s funny. Charming. Charismatic. And just kind of sexy…

I enjoy him most on Don’t Forget the Lyrics, and I occasionally tuned into Whose Line Is It Anyway, just to see him be silly.

Oh, and this song is actually nice. Listen to the words. Great message for all of you who break up and kids are involved.  That’s all… I don’t want to get into trouble for carrying on and on. Butterummm…  Wayne Brady? Please believe it. I’m just saying…
wayne-brady host of Fox's Dont Forget the Lyrics


Peta, what’s next?

wtf friday…

People who have a high regard of animal rights clearly have no sympathy for human rights. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, commonly known by its acronym PETA, have crossed the line with their latest billboard.

It is located in Jacksonville, Florida and features an overweight woman with the caption, “Save the whales. Lose the blubber: Go vegetarian.”

Is PETA serious right now. Let’s just gather all the overweight population and cast stones at them.

PETA’s response to the backlash against its billboard is to point out that it is trying to help obese people. PETA released a press release that quoted Tracy Reiman, PETA’s executive vice president, as saying, “Trying to hide your thunder thighs and Read More

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