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go browngirl! its my birthday!

pictures throughout my life

Although I may not be where I want to be, I couldn’t be more thankful for life and each experience and lesson that I’ve gone thru or witnessed. I wouldn’t change a moment of it for if I did it would not lead me to the path that I am on right now, and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

I wouldn’t appreciate life, family, love, true friendships, and good people as much as I do now and I am truly grateful for all and everyone that has come (and gone) into (and out of)  my life…


a quote…

finish each day


Is your hair addicted to Creamy Crack? (pt1)

te·na·cious tuesday…

creamy crack

As a black woman I have tested the tenacity of my hair so many times by trying a variety of products, styles, and weaves to alter the texture and/or look of my hair. I permed it for the first half of my life then I colored it and bleached it. I gelled it and hot roller set it. I damaged my hair once with my home kits, colors, and my one year of Cosmetology School and was forced to cut it.

I glued the weave in, had it sown in and I even wrapped it around my ponytail for a stallion-esque appearance.  All along hating on the girls who had “good hair”, trying to imitate the baby hair around the hairline, and wondering like Chris Rock’s daughter- why I didn’t have good hair. Read More


The Road to A Better Me…

te·na·cious tuesday…


After completing my 21 Day Daniel Fast, I am still on a quest to become a better person- mind, body, and soul. I strive to feed every component of my being, by learning and challenging myself to try new ideas, and to explore to unexplored. These decisions have to be long term, or they turn into fads. I want to start a consciousness that I can instill in my future children, and expose my family and friends to.

Between the fast, the movie Food, inc., my weight, and my health I am convinced that I have to treat this one body I have like the temple it is. If I don’t respect it, who will, and I only have one to get me through this entire journey of life. I have to commit to the gym for the last time Read More


Dating isn’t always fun…

Well my instincts were right on. We were together again. But this time, being a little older and more mature, I wasn’t impressed with how he was beginning to settle for the glam of his chosen lifestyle. I have wasted so much time in my life, but I was truly displeased with how he was wasting his. Needless to say, it wasn’t for me and we went our separate ways. (Let me reiterate how much I loved this man and how tough this transition would be). Months would go by and I wouldn’t hear from him, but then out of the blue he would call. He would work himself back into my weak spot and we would talk, at first every blue moon then more frequently until it became regular again. At some point the calls, remembering the good times and laughing with him became too much for me. Read More


My first love…

Couple black swan, originally uploaded by maruli786.

Well of course there were social and personal affects occurring at that same time in my life. When I began GSU, I was instantly attracted to a guy who would eventually be mine. He was a football player, from a more southern part of Georgia, with a baby and baby’s mother that were left behind so he could pursue his all American start (We’ll call him Mr. Football). He was quite a ladies man, with a medium brown complexion, bald head, and broad shoulders. He was so many things to me. He was handsome, funny, smart, athletic, and seemingly sensitive to my “sheltered city girl persona”. We became friends and then we became confidants. He finally saw the light and made me his wife… No. Kidding! It rhymed. Read More


A Career? Doing what?

Look Here for a New Career, originally uploaded by Clay Haskell.

I have wanted to be every type of professional there is. I wanted be a doctor, then a lawyer, a teacher (my unfinished bachelor’s degree still haunts my mother), a poet after the movie Love Jones was a hit, then I thought after someone asked me if I watch CSI, that it only made sense that I would pursue a career in forensics!! Needless to say, I left the university I’d chosen because it was far enough away that my parents wouldn’t just pop up unannounced, but close enough to drive home if necessary (not its academic reputation). My mother although disappointed that I was unsuccessful in my degree pursuit, was at the same time happy to have me back at home (which is what I always told myself).  Read More

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