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the one who got away pt1…


Everyone always has a tale of the one that got away, and I am no different. He was an uptown boy, you know, had a certain Hov-ness (Jay-Z) about him, but he was living in the A. We met at a local gym which was one of the two jobs he was holding down.

I remember the day we met. Looking around at people working out forming opinions about this one, wishing you had what she had, and thanking God you didn’t have as much as another. He made me push harder when I saw him glancing at me, as I tried to pretend I wasn’t tired.

We caught each others eye’s a few times before my departure, and me being the shy girl that I am- I walked pass not looking back. Security at the gym (because it was night), would walk me to my car as usual and I couldn’t resist looking back to see if his eyes had moved onto the next pair of leggings. But they hadn’t. Read More


no guilt for what my fingers have to say…

thought thursday…
text messages

I’ve been known to be a shy person for quite some time now. But with the help of text messaging I am able to say exactly how I feel. Am I hiding behind my full qwerty keypad? You could say that.

I usually don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, get involved in a verbal confrontation nor do I want to belittle some of the ignorance that comes across my screen. Read More


Repost: Just in case you want to know a little about me…

daddy's little girl

The beginning (and a little background)…

Well I think it’s only right to start at the beginning, so you will know where I am coming from and I think it will be good for me to recap my life, consider my future even gain a little perspective. I lived in Decatur, GA for more than half my life. My middle- class and rather close family consisted of my mother and father and an older brother. I was and still am a bona fide Daddy’s girl, despite my father’s demise in 1995, a month after my high school graduation. I think that’s where my life sort of changed.

It was difficult for me to see my


i can only be me…

prentend to be normal sign


what’s your addiction?…

i’m just saying…

Losing weight is the second hardest struggle of my life. *Pause… let me get more comfortable* Is it realistic to expect a crack head to be in a room full of crack and not use? What about an alcoholic?

Do you take them to an open bar (if you care about them) and expect them not to drink?  No, you don’t- especially the crackhead! (Maybe I should alter the term crackhead, not wanting to offend anyone- although if you use crack,??? Ummm go figure)

Why then, do people undermine or make light of the struggle of overeaters? This is the only addiction that I can think of that is Read More


Hit and run…

wtf friday…
car crash, wrecks, 285 atlanta

It’s taken me an entire week to find the words (alternatives to a string of curse words of course) to share my last Friday evening events. The day was going well, I spent time with great people, and all was right with the world.

When I was ready to leave my destination and head home it was raining. It was late (11:30pm) and only getting later, so I proceeded to leave, careful not to speed with the roads being wet (I wasn’t even going 60mph). I saw a vehicle rolling up on me, and I was thinking he was one of those people going to show me I was driving too slowly.

You know how some drivers are insane, and want to get right up on your back and then let up. Well I was in the far left lane and really had no where to go. I watched his headlights getting close then start to coast towards my right. Read More


Working on me, is not in vain…

te·na·cious tuesday…

Later on in my bookstore visit the other day, I sat down to skim a few books I didn’t want to purchase. But before that, I went to the checkout counter to ask where I would pick up a book that I reserved on line.

The cashier, a middle- aged woman, said in the back at Customer Service. Mind you, I’d just come from that desk when the employee ignored me( Face to face or over the phone). When I did get some help, the book was at the front of the store with the middle aged woman, that I’d clearly just asked 5 mins prior about.

I looked at her already not in the best mood Read More

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