the one who got away pt1…


Everyone always has a tale of the one that got away, and I am no different. He was an uptown boy, you know, had a certain Hov-ness (Jay-Z) about him, but he was living in the A. We met at a local gym which was one of the two jobs he was holding down.

I remember the day we met. Looking around at people working out forming opinions about this one, wishing you had what she had, and thanking God you didn’t have as much as another. He made me push harder when I saw him glancing at me, as I tried to pretend I wasn’t tired.

We caught each others eye’s a few times before my departure, and me being the shy girl that I am- I walked pass not looking back. Security at the gym (because it was night), would walk me to my car as usual and I couldn’t resist looking back to see if his eyes had moved onto the next pair of leggings. But they hadn’t.

He was still watching me from inside the glass, and giving me the “what’s up?” arm language. I smiled because he was sexy with his baby blue do rag on, and tried to mouth for him to come outside and chat. As he approached the security gave him five and headed back inside.

Why did he wait until I got all the way outside was my question for him as we stood face to face under the late summer stars. He told me that he kept second guessing himself, which was a shock to me because he was the picture of confidence.

We stood in the parking lot and small talked for at least another 20 or so, as I wondered if I was making a decent enough impression for him to ask for my number, because he had not thus far. If I recall correctly we talked that same night for hours on the phone in one of the most intriguing conversations you can have with a stranger and I knew he was going to be one to remember.

The dating with Uptown Boy began quickly, quite unofficially, and very unorthodox by my standards. It was the first time I was in a relationship and was unaware of it… But it wouldn’t take me long to mess that up…


1 Response to “the one who got away pt1…”

  1. 1 solidroc
    November 11, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    Can’t wait for part two a great read……. BTW the pic is hot!!!!

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