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halloween snapshots…past and present

housewives of atlanta halloween

brian m cox, nelly, and jd getting ready for halloween

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and the seasons change…

fall leaves changing on a beautiful road

As we approach my favorite time of year, I have to admit I am getting pretty excited. It’s my favorite for a few reasons: 1.My birthday, which I am still celebrating. 2. I love fall and winter clothes and shoes for they allow me to hide my fat little belly, and 3. The simplicity of change, no matter how great or small it is.

I am excited for new shawls with sleeves, sweater dresses with pockets, leggings, boots and heels! YES. I wanted so desperately to share my future purchase with you, but I don’t want you to cop it before I do (Can’t blame me for being honest).

The seasons changing are sad for some because they will have to retire their favorite and over worn flip flops, while others will rejoice in the extra hour while we “fall backwards” this Sunday and early setting sun. Read More


Kandi opens up…

kandi's home

Sean Drakes, for the AJC

Kandi Burruss, the newest cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality TV show, opens her home to the AJC (For more of this story to discuss her first season on the show. Kandi, formerly of the R&B group Xscape was the most captivating to watch during the season due to the volatile relationship between her mother and then fiance AJ Jewell, who passed away shortly after the end of filming. For More Pics


A new dose…

mom and daughter figure

I met a young lady a couple of days ago who had a beautiful personality. She’s approaching the end of her teenage years and becoming an adult at a speed faster than her peers.

Life experiences seem unfair and untimely. But I hope and pray that she uses these situations to fuel her determination and her desire. Life is changing for her and she is now her biggest advocate. She’s embarking on a path Read More


go browngirl! its my birthday!

pictures throughout my life

Although I may not be where I want to be, I couldn’t be more thankful for life and each experience and lesson that I’ve gone thru or witnessed. I wouldn’t change a moment of it for if I did it would not lead me to the path that I am on right now, and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

I wouldn’t appreciate life, family, love, true friendships, and good people as much as I do now and I am truly grateful for all and everyone that has come (and gone) into (and out of)  my life…


who sets the tone…

Ever had so much to say yet you couldn’t find the words. That’s where I have been this week. My mind is full of thoughts, great topics and discussions but I can’t seem to transfer them to paper. I question if my entries have to be a certain length or cover so much ground. When in reality I set the pace and the tone on my blog, right?

I don’t have to meet anyone’s standards here but my own and just hope that my readers understand that its just me being me…

With that being said I have a friend who literally hasn’t worn matching socks Read More


Usher goes in about Divorce Papers…

usher raymond

Usher is one artist who has been known to disclose the details of his personal life for the sake of publicity. In fact, the artist probably should credit his relationship happenings with Chilli to his largest album sales to date.

We all bought Confessions to get the straights on if he indeed cheated on his then longtime girlfriend and was having a baby with another woman.

Once again, Ush is letting us up close and personal with a leaked track off his upcoming album called “Papers.” As in divorce papers. Read More

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