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If you missed Jay-Z on Oprah today…


Repost: Just in case you want to know a little about me…

daddy's little girl

The beginning (and a little background)…

Well I think it’s only right to start at the beginning, so you will know where I am coming from and I think it will be good for me to recap my life, consider my future even gain a little perspective. I lived in Decatur, GA for more than half my life. My middle- class and rather close family consisted of my mother and father and an older brother. I was and still am a bona fide Daddy’s girl, despite my father’s demise in 1995, a month after my high school graduation. I think that’s where my life sort of changed.

It was difficult for me to see my


how do you measure your love…

i’m just saying…


Why are people still making a big deal about Keyshia Cole’s latest tattoo.  Women are calling her names, and men are saying she is sprung on the young b baller to get his name tattooed on her body.

I feel the complete opposite.

I am certain that everyone expresses their love in a variety of ways.  In some countries- beating women is thought to be an example of love and dedication!  I think Keyshia is a girl who loves tattoo’s as a way of expressing herself. Whereas some women cook and clean, or purchase a man clothes, or even buying him expensive gifts.

That’s was her thing, her expression to her man. The b baller, has his own money so he doesn’t need any assistance on his t-mobile phone bill this month. He has a chef, so you can keep your mama’s secret cornbread recipe.

She is not the first woman to do what other women don’t like to keep her man.  If it doesn’t work out, she can get it covered…I’m just saying…


Stand By Your Man…

te*na*cious tuesday…


As I pass by BET, they are running a commercial for apparently everyone’s new favorite reality show except mine, Tiny and Toya. I catch a glimpse of Tiny wiping away her tears, friends encouraging her on her first night alone, and a plane lifting off- leaving us to assume that her long term boyfriend is off to serve his year and a day jail sentence. In a flash it creates a spiral of thoughts, however most of them incomplete. I end up at am I, or are most women, tried and true, relentless, loyal and as some say “ride or die”, as we proclaim to be during the “convince a man to date us stage.” I have to admit, that I did tune in to watch the highly anticipated episode to see T.I. off to prison, although it was actually covered months ago in the media. But before the credits role, there is a note from her to him, that says 3 things:

  1. He is a good man– despite the consequences on his action that will temporarily keep them apart.
  2. That he is the love of her life– assuring him that she loves who he is as a man, not the fair weathered groupie love a rapper receives and, Read More

We have to know we deserve better…

Stupid girls, originally uploaded by Ms. Palindrome.

To avoid appearing self indulgent, I wanted to share stories of people that I know and/or heard of, and the various situations they encountered during my relationship struggles that made me feel as if my drama was never quite “that” bad. Honestly it’s these stories that keep women, and some men in trouble. We feel that the stories we are listening too over our self implemented- extended lunch breaks, are mountains compared to our molehills. When we should wonder who is listening to our story feeling like our drama is worse than theirs, and rejoice they don’t have to walk in our shoes… Read More


Dating isn’t always fun…

Well my instincts were right on. We were together again. But this time, being a little older and more mature, I wasn’t impressed with how he was beginning to settle for the glam of his chosen lifestyle. I have wasted so much time in my life, but I was truly displeased with how he was wasting his. Needless to say, it wasn’t for me and we went our separate ways. (Let me reiterate how much I loved this man and how tough this transition would be). Months would go by and I wouldn’t hear from him, but then out of the blue he would call. He would work himself back into my weak spot and we would talk, at first every blue moon then more frequently until it became regular again. At some point the calls, remembering the good times and laughing with him became too much for me. Read More


My first love…

Couple black swan, originally uploaded by maruli786.

Well of course there were social and personal affects occurring at that same time in my life. When I began GSU, I was instantly attracted to a guy who would eventually be mine. He was a football player, from a more southern part of Georgia, with a baby and baby’s mother that were left behind so he could pursue his all American start (We’ll call him Mr. Football). He was quite a ladies man, with a medium brown complexion, bald head, and broad shoulders. He was so many things to me. He was handsome, funny, smart, athletic, and seemingly sensitive to my “sheltered city girl persona”. We became friends and then we became confidants. He finally saw the light and made me his wife… No. Kidding! It rhymed. Read More

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