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Adidas terminated its $3 million endorsement contract with the University of Central Florida’s athletic department after one of Michael Jordan’s sons played in a game for the school wearing the Nike shoes named after his father. Marcus Jordan, a freshman guard at UCF, said he would only wear Nike Air Jordan shoes in deference to his father.

Now I know that your father was the greatest, but you my son, have to make a name for yourself- so I can stop referring to you as Jordan’s son.  Your a freshman and if you have skills your going to need to comply with the rules, so when you make headlines it will be about your stats and not your stubbornness. I’m just saying…


Forget what you heard. Wayne Brady is hot! (I dont know why the video says Waybe- but whatever) I am so tickled as I type this because his hairline was pointed out to me by a gentleman once, but I don’t even care. He’s funny. Charming. Charismatic. And just kind of sexy… I enjoy him most on Don’t Forget the Lyrics, and I occasionally tuned into Whose’s Line Is It Anyway, just to see him be silly.
Oh, and this song is actually nice. Listen to the words. Great message for all of you who break up and kids are involved. That’s all… I don’t want to get into trouble for carrying on and on. Butterummm… Wayne Brady? Please believe it. I’m just saying…

solangesolange bald


Seriously!!! I don’t care…. Why does anyone care, how people are cutting their hair. Other than “Oh that’s cute” or “ewwh, I dont like it.” Guess what you don’t have to look at her, and no one is forcing you to cut yours. Why the girl have to be going through something or seeking attention. Why cant it just be hot as hell outside and she is tired of spending her money on bags of weave. India Arie told you folks “I am not my hair”…. I’m just saying..



*** Why are people still making a big deal about Keyshia Cole’s latest tattoo.  Women are calling her names, and men are saying she is sprung on the young b baller to get his name tattooed on her body. I feel the complete opposite. I am certain that everyone expresses their love in a variety of ways.  In some countries- beating women is thought to be an example of love and dedication!  I think Keyshia is a girl who loves tattoo’s as a way of expressing herself. Whereas some women cook and clean, or purchase a man clothes, or even buying him expensive gifts. That’s was her thing, her expression to her man. The b baller, has his own money so he doesn’t need any assistance on his t-mobile phone bill this month. He has a chef, so you can keep your mama’s secret cornbread recipe.  She is not the first woman to do what other women don’t like to keep her man.  If it doesn’t work out, she can get it covered…I’m just saying…



*** I am listening to Maxwell’s Pretty Wings song and I love all 5:09 mins of it’s uncut version. But I  am skeptical of purchasing the CD because  I have lately felt bamboozled when I did buy a cd. I am a true fan to those that I feel provide me with consist good music. Beyonce, for instance- I am a fan. I get tired of her pretty, fine lil self all over my TV and radio- but no doubt am I a fan. I purchased her cd, like a true fan the first week it was released and she turned around and re-released it with new songs for all the Lucy come Lately’s… WTF. Why didn’t my first week CD, have a itunes voucher in it for 2 free downloads to say- “Thank you loyal listener for your purchase.  I (Beyonce), will be re- releasing in a few months and I want to make sure you are able to get the new songs.”  T.I. is another… I’m not a rap fan and there are only  few rappers CD that I have purchased with my money (Outkast, 2Pac, T.I.). I bought the much anticipated Paper Trail, during its first week and if he re releases it with this new song I keep hearing featuring Mary J “Remember Me”, I am going to be a little ticked off. I’m just saying…



*** Is it okay to go through your man’s phone was a post on today from the popular website. And I guess the question disturbed me more than anything. I feel like the bigger problem is why should you feel like you have to go through his phone? Do you trust your man? If so, why sneak and look into his phone while he is asleep, or out of the room? I, of course, want to know that it’s not a problem for me to look through it, or answer it for him if he is the restroom- but I never want to feel like I have to pull out my Angela  Lansbury amateur detective skills to do so… Ask yourself, and him- if your relationship is at a place where you can look through his phone, or answer it if need be. Make sure he can do the same with yours. Whats good for the goose is good for gander…. I’m just saying…


***Okay, so I am watching Bridezilla and the bride is a fat girl…She is very verbal about all of her bridesmaids being bigger than she is and not using the standard petite pretty girls to fill her wedding party. She said she has to be the prettiest person in the wedding party.  They were at the spa, and she told the girls that they looked like they’d lost some weight. She demanded that the spa find a scale, and insisted that the girls weigh in to make sure they were all still 200 + pounds. WTH! She proceeded to ask them to model their dresses. The maid of honor, modeled hers with a trusty pair of spanks on and the bride told her, no it looks better without them. Meaning she was looking a bit too smooth and roll free. The sad thing is that she is so serious.  (Side note  so you can really get a taste for the bride- she told her fiance  during a disagreement ” you decide to grow balls the day before the wedding, that is so annoying”. WOW! On television, huh?) Brides are out of control… I’m just saying…

Dwight Howard In Action – Dave Nagel, originally uploaded by nagelphoto.


***The headline reads Wanna Be a Ballers Baby Momma? We just have to be better as a unit! According to mediatakeout.coms site, a woman is claiming to have secretly collected close to a dozen “samples” of athlete’s semen and is now looking to sell the specimens to the highest bidder. The specimens were supposedly taken from used condoms and immediately frozen. Are we serious right now? This is the most disturbing thing I have heard all day. I know its a recession, but damn! Can you imagine the conception story (that won’t have an ounce of love) that will be told…I’m just saying…

***Not Cheap Eats. Okay…. so I went to 2 Urban Licks on Ralph McGill, and it was a cute little spot. Used to be a garage or something. The food quantity was very small for the amount of food that we received. 2 people- a drink each. one appetizer, 2 entrees- $75.00… I’m just saying…

3 Responses to “I’m just saying…”

  1. 1 ZenGirl
    June 22, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    I like this page, and yeah, Two Urban Licks is crazy.

  2. 2 browngirlnextdoor
    June 22, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    Thanks! Glad you do…

  3. 3 DIVA EVEZ
    November 2, 2009 at 8:58 pm


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