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Relationship Agreement

As I eavesdropped on a group of seemingly sophisticated ladies, I wondered if there was one honest one in the bunch. They encouraged each other to continue holding on to their unrealistic guidelines for a man.

The demands seemed high, yet the willingness to meet even half way wasn’t there. One woman stated “his credit score better be at least 700,” and before she finished her statement she was speaking of not one but two overdue bills. Another who was average in her style commented that her man had to be “fly”.

I wanted to be someone with guts and a fly mouth for just 5 minutes so I could inform the group of independents that I indeed was listening and to ask each if she possessed that quality that she was looking for. Read More


who are the 21st century matchmakers….

essence atkins star of half and half finds love on

Dating on the internet was once a taboo subject. It was thought to be unsafe by many and desperate by the rest. But as technology advances and the social scenes mirror the previous Saturday night, people are beginning to rely on the 21st century matchmakers.

Their names are Read More


by any means necessary…

wtf friday…


Not trusting your spouse is one thing. But to sign up for a service that will alter the number that is displayed to the person your calling is ridiculous. To go further, with this digital spyware service you can change your voice, you can record a call, you can send a text, and have the call sent to your email.

Let me rewind and say that I cannot knock this young man and his entrepreneurial mind. Read More


will you accept someone else’s gift…

thought thursday…

presents bought and received for other people

In a recent conversation a woman was sharing a story of how she’d purchased a gift for her then boyfriend. She was waiting on the right time which became not the time at all to give him the surprise.

They soon broke up and she decided to keep the gift, not being able to return it because she’d lost the receipt. Entering in a new relationship, she told me that she really liked the new guy, who happened to have a birthday approaching.

They were going to be dating about 6 months when his birthday rolled around, and she asked me if she could give him the gift she’d bought for her ex? Read More


does the best friend always win…

thought thursday…
made of honor


When we were 9 and 10 years old it didn’t matter what sex your best friend was. It was the person who lived closest to you, the person who was outside at the same time you were allowed out, or the person who had the same metal strawberry shortcake lunch box as you.

 As we get older, we aren’t playing outside as much. Our best friend becomes a person who is available to go to the bar when you need a drink. They are single at the same times you are.

 You are there to accompany each other to dreaded family events, or obligatory work functions. They are people we count on to help us process why he didn’t ask for our number, or why she didn’t return the phone call. They are a shoulder to lean on.

 But when one of the two gets into a relationship, Read More


how do you measure your love…

i’m just saying…


Why are people still making a big deal about Keyshia Cole’s latest tattoo.  Women are calling her names, and men are saying she is sprung on the young b baller to get his name tattooed on her body.

I feel the complete opposite.

I am certain that everyone expresses their love in a variety of ways.  In some countries- beating women is thought to be an example of love and dedication!  I think Keyshia is a girl who loves tattoo’s as a way of expressing herself. Whereas some women cook and clean, or purchase a man clothes, or even buying him expensive gifts.

That’s was her thing, her expression to her man. The b baller, has his own money so he doesn’t need any assistance on his t-mobile phone bill this month. He has a chef, so you can keep your mama’s secret cornbread recipe.

She is not the first woman to do what other women don’t like to keep her man.  If it doesn’t work out, she can get it covered…I’m just saying…


Stand By Your Man…

te*na*cious tuesday…


As I pass by BET, they are running a commercial for apparently everyone’s new favorite reality show except mine, Tiny and Toya. I catch a glimpse of Tiny wiping away her tears, friends encouraging her on her first night alone, and a plane lifting off- leaving us to assume that her long term boyfriend is off to serve his year and a day jail sentence. In a flash it creates a spiral of thoughts, however most of them incomplete. I end up at am I, or are most women, tried and true, relentless, loyal and as some say “ride or die”, as we proclaim to be during the “convince a man to date us stage.” I have to admit, that I did tune in to watch the highly anticipated episode to see T.I. off to prison, although it was actually covered months ago in the media. But before the credits role, there is a note from her to him, that says 3 things:

  1. He is a good man– despite the consequences on his action that will temporarily keep them apart.
  2. That he is the love of her life– assuring him that she loves who he is as a man, not the fair weathered groupie love a rapper receives and, Read More

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