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Oprah talks to Chris Rock about the Creamy Crack…

chris rock on Oprah talking good hair

Oprah flips and flops her hair for Chris to prove that she has no weave, tracks, or fake hair hidden. Oprah was saying that most black women, especially the last few generations have struggled with their hair. She put up a picture of herself when she was a small child with pigtails and Chris Rock said she was still a slave back then! Hilarious. Her next photo was a little neater and longer ponytails he told her that was when she got her freedom. He continued to give a narrative comment on each of her looks, it was priceless.

Chris discussed how women initially denied and were ashamed of wearing weave. Oprah asked if Chris wanted women to be natural, and he said not at all. He thinks that women should be comfortable and do her hair for herself not what people will say or think.

O also covered Solange cutting off all of her hair. She revealed that she didn’t think she was as pretty with weave or that she didn’t get as much attention without the weave.  She wanted to remove herself from the bondage of her hair. Read More


what’s your addiction?…

i’m just saying…

Losing weight is the second hardest struggle of my life. *Pause… let me get more comfortable* Is it realistic to expect a crack head to be in a room full of crack and not use? What about an alcoholic?

Do you take them to an open bar (if you care about them) and expect them not to drink?  No, you don’t- especially the crackhead! (Maybe I should alter the term crackhead, not wanting to offend anyone- although if you use crack,??? Ummm go figure)

Why then, do people undermine or make light of the struggle of overeaters? This is the only addiction that I can think of that is Read More


Is your hair addicted to the creamy crack? (pt2)

wardrobe wednesday…

creamy crack2

On a continuous struggle to convince myself not to perm my hair again, I conclude that the creamy crack is truly addictive. And I didn’t wake up and decide to embrace my inner black woman. No, I was weaving it up! I was a red head then I went blonde.

The blonde looked nice on my complextion and I lightened it a little more. Peroxide at home was not my friend. I remember washing my hair thinking, “my weave ponytail is gonna be fierce.” I started blown drying my bright yellow hair and each time a little more hair either came out with the brush, or I was able to see so many short pieces, where my hair wasn’t short.

In a moments notice, I had scissors in my hand and I was whacking away. Before I knew it my hair was as short as a 6 month old. I’d always had decent hair, so I can not explain why I was so into weave in the first place. Maybe it was the versatility that it allowed so frequently being able to switch it out like jeans or heels. Read More and Answer the Poll

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