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When we were 9 and 10 years old it didn’t matter what sex your best friend was. It was the person who lived closest to you, the person who was outside at the same time you were allowed out, or the person who had the same metal strawberry shortcake lunch box as you.

 As we get older, we aren’t playing outside as much. Our best friend becomes a person who is available to go to the bar when you need a drink. They are single at the same times you are.

 You are there to accompany each other to dreaded family events, or obligatory work functions. They are people we count on to help us process why he didn’t ask for our number, or why she didn’t return the phone call. They are a shoulder to lean on.

 But when one of the two gets into a relationship, Read More


A Few Good Men..

I’m typically not a broken record however I am a Libra by most of its definitions. We are smart, cute, funny, and indecisive. So when a relationship ended for me, I would normally second guess myself, wondering if I had made the right decision and apparently the men would feel that way as well, because they would be open to dating again.

Now, don’t get it twisted- they would present the idea, but I would accept it, and usually without hesitation. Everyone deserves a second chance so what’s wrong with a third of fourth? I heard Madea say in one of her roles, as long as he is making a different mistake every time, and not the same one over and over, you can work it out.

So, I would do a repetitive song and dance with everyone I dated and later rather, than sooner, eventually call it quits. I would from there go through a series of miscellaneous half hearted relationships, if I can even call them that. Not quit sure if I would ever be able to trust Read More

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