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by any means necessary…

wtf friday…


Not trusting your spouse is one thing. But to sign up for a service that will alter the number that is displayed to the person your calling is ridiculous. To go further, with this digital spyware service you can change your voice, you can record a call, you can send a text, and have the call sent to your email.

Let me rewind and say that I cannot knock this young man and his entrepreneurial mind. Read More


The Hook Up… Or Not.

messy monday…


In an attempt to hook up one of my friends a long, long, long, time ago- I know I crossed the line of messy. My co-worker was such an irritating jerk. He was a basketball player and physically fit. Mr. Know It All was dark skinned tall and handsome- but he knew it all.

Everything I tried to teach him about the job, he acted like he already knew. Any topic they covered on the radio he’d shake his head disagreeing with every popular vote. It was weird, we just couldn’t see eye to eye on anything. Read More


Friend or snitch?

thought thursday…


There was a block of time that I was seeing everyone’s man in the street with other women. My approach depended on my relationship with the woman. This is going to be a tricky topic for those who feel like I should mind my business in any case. No matter what or who is involved. To those individuals I say tune in to 20/20’s What Would You Do– then follow up with me at a later date.

See if it changes your perspective if the Timberlands or Coach loafers were on the other foot. I am a woman first, and a friend to few. So don’t confuse this with some kind of player hater crusade that I lead. Read More


We have to know we deserve better…

Stupid girls, originally uploaded by Ms. Palindrome.

To avoid appearing self indulgent, I wanted to share stories of people that I know and/or heard of, and the various situations they encountered during my relationship struggles that made me feel as if my drama was never quite “that” bad. Honestly it’s these stories that keep women, and some men in trouble. We feel that the stories we are listening too over our self implemented- extended lunch breaks, are mountains compared to our molehills. When we should wonder who is listening to our story feeling like our drama is worse than theirs, and rejoice they don’t have to walk in our shoes… Read More


A Few Good Men..

I’m typically not a broken record however I am a Libra by most of its definitions. We are smart, cute, funny, and indecisive. So when a relationship ended for me, I would normally second guess myself, wondering if I had made the right decision and apparently the men would feel that way as well, because they would be open to dating again.

Now, don’t get it twisted- they would present the idea, but I would accept it, and usually without hesitation. Everyone deserves a second chance so what’s wrong with a third of fourth? I heard Madea say in one of her roles, as long as he is making a different mistake every time, and not the same one over and over, you can work it out.

So, I would do a repetitive song and dance with everyone I dated and later rather, than sooner, eventually call it quits. I would from there go through a series of miscellaneous half hearted relationships, if I can even call them that. Not quit sure if I would ever be able to trust Read More


Dating isn’t always fun…

Well my instincts were right on. We were together again. But this time, being a little older and more mature, I wasn’t impressed with how he was beginning to settle for the glam of his chosen lifestyle. I have wasted so much time in my life, but I was truly displeased with how he was wasting his. Needless to say, it wasn’t for me and we went our separate ways. (Let me reiterate how much I loved this man and how tough this transition would be). Months would go by and I wouldn’t hear from him, but then out of the blue he would call. He would work himself back into my weak spot and we would talk, at first every blue moon then more frequently until it became regular again. At some point the calls, remembering the good times and laughing with him became too much for me. Read More


My first love…

Couple black swan, originally uploaded by maruli786.

Well of course there were social and personal affects occurring at that same time in my life. When I began GSU, I was instantly attracted to a guy who would eventually be mine. He was a football player, from a more southern part of Georgia, with a baby and baby’s mother that were left behind so he could pursue his all American start (We’ll call him Mr. Football). He was quite a ladies man, with a medium brown complexion, bald head, and broad shoulders. He was so many things to me. He was handsome, funny, smart, athletic, and seemingly sensitive to my “sheltered city girl persona”. We became friends and then we became confidants. He finally saw the light and made me his wife… No. Kidding! It rhymed. Read More

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