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no guilt for what my fingers have to say…

thought thursday…
text messages

I’ve been known to be a shy person for quite some time now. But with the help of text messaging I am able to say exactly how I feel. Am I hiding behind my full qwerty keypad? You could say that.

I usually don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, get involved in a verbal confrontation nor do I want to belittle some of the ignorance that comes across my screen. Read More


when are we scheduled to arrive on the moon…

wardrobe wednesday…
futuristic wardrobe

I’m not against going to the moon I just don’t know if my wardrobe is adequate. Some of these outfits are cute, but really? Is this where we are headed? Individuality is a must people and every look isn’t for the streets. Read More


i can only be me…

prentend to be normal sign


A Career? Doing what?

Look Here for a New Career, originally uploaded by Clay Haskell.

I have wanted to be every type of professional there is. I wanted be a doctor, then a lawyer, a teacher (my unfinished bachelor’s degree still haunts my mother), a poet after the movie Love Jones was a hit, then I thought after someone asked me if I watch CSI, that it only made sense that I would pursue a career in forensics!! Needless to say, I left the university I’d chosen because it was far enough away that my parents wouldn’t just pop up unannounced, but close enough to drive home if necessary (not its academic reputation). My mother although disappointed that I was unsuccessful in my degree pursuit, was at the same time happy to have me back at home (which is what I always told myself).  Read More


The Making of a Brown Girl…

Daddy's Little Girl The beginning (and a little background)…

Well I think it’s only right to start at the beginning, so you will know where I am coming from and I think it will be good for me to recap my life, consider my future even gain a little perspective. I lived in Decatur, GA for more than half my life. My middle- class and rather close family consisted of my mother and father and an older brother. I was and still am a bona fide Daddy’s girl, despite my father’s demise in 1995, a month after my high school graduation. I think that’s where my life sort of changed.

It was difficult for me to see my place in this world without his jokes, his hugs, his love, his stern words, and his special daddy ways. I was actually not allowed on my first date until I was almost 17 years old. I could leave a note for my dad to wash the dishes for me, so I wouldn’t get in trouble by my mom for neglecting my chores (which now I realize was so selfish, he had worked all night and I left more work for him). My dad also taught me how to drive, Read More

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