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Repost: Just in case you want to know a little about me…

daddy's little girl

The beginning (and a little background)…

Well I think it’s only right to start at the beginning, so you will know where I am coming from and I think it will be good for me to recap my life, consider my future even gain a little perspective. I lived in Decatur, GA for more than half my life. My middle- class and rather close family consisted of my mother and father and an older brother. I was and still am a bona fide Daddy’s girl, despite my father’s demise in 1995, a month after my high school graduation. I think that’s where my life sort of changed.

It was difficult for me to see my


once your a legend nothing can take that away…

Whitney Houston I Look to You

Far from the clear tone she once possessed but definitely better than what most pop artist can dream to put out. Whitney Houston is and will always be a legend. I cannot stress enough the importance of “being careful how you judge others, because it’s the same measure that people will soon judge you.” (Better said in Matthew 7:1-5)

With that said, I don’t think Whitney should be compared to who she was 30 years ago (did I exaggerate?). Her voice shouldn’t be expected to be as strong and clear as it once was. Mariah has been in the game half of Whitney’s time and she is already fading vocally.

1992 Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan was not Read More


Is It Really More to Love…

wtf friday…

Tonight I watched a replay of the latest find love reality show More to Love. It starts just like all the other bachelor shows, until it goes to each girl’s pre/post interview. You know where she tells us, how she’s never been in love before, or how men never take her seriously. On each of those, seemingly non scripted segments, they display her age, height, and WEIGHT!

After the first one, I’m thinking, it’s been a long week and I’m tired— because surely a full figured woman’s biggest insecurity did not just become known to the entire community of viewers and readily available to the world. Read More


Friend or snitch?

thought thursday…


There was a block of time that I was seeing everyone’s man in the street with other women. My approach depended on my relationship with the woman. This is going to be a tricky topic for those who feel like I should mind my business in any case. No matter what or who is involved. To those individuals I say tune in to 20/20’s What Would You Do– then follow up with me at a later date.

See if it changes your perspective if the Timberlands or Coach loafers were on the other foot. I am a woman first, and a friend to few. So don’t confuse this with some kind of player hater crusade that I lead. Read More


Stand By Your Man…

te*na*cious tuesday…


As I pass by BET, they are running a commercial for apparently everyone’s new favorite reality show except mine, Tiny and Toya. I catch a glimpse of Tiny wiping away her tears, friends encouraging her on her first night alone, and a plane lifting off- leaving us to assume that her long term boyfriend is off to serve his year and a day jail sentence. In a flash it creates a spiral of thoughts, however most of them incomplete. I end up at am I, or are most women, tried and true, relentless, loyal and as some say “ride or die”, as we proclaim to be during the “convince a man to date us stage.” I have to admit, that I did tune in to watch the highly anticipated episode to see T.I. off to prison, although it was actually covered months ago in the media. But before the credits role, there is a note from her to him, that says 3 things:

  1. He is a good man– despite the consequences on his action that will temporarily keep them apart.
  2. That he is the love of her life– assuring him that she loves who he is as a man, not the fair weathered groupie love a rapper receives and, Read More

Who puts $2.00 of gas in their car…

Wi$e-Guy Money Roll, originally uploaded by Gnerk.

In the midst of my new explorative relationship with Mr. Anytime, I met various characters along the way. There was one guy, Mr. Economical, who decided for our first date we’d go to a fun center in Alpharetta. We stopped at the gas station on Buford Hwy for him to put $2.00 worth of gas in his car. Yes, $2.00! Now even if this was 1998, and gas was $1.00 a gallon- 1) we were not going to make it from Buford Hwy to Alpharetta on two gallons and 2. Read More


A Few Good Men..

I’m typically not a broken record however I am a Libra by most of its definitions. We are smart, cute, funny, and indecisive. So when a relationship ended for me, I would normally second guess myself, wondering if I had made the right decision and apparently the men would feel that way as well, because they would be open to dating again.

Now, don’t get it twisted- they would present the idea, but I would accept it, and usually without hesitation. Everyone deserves a second chance so what’s wrong with a third of fourth? I heard Madea say in one of her roles, as long as he is making a different mistake every time, and not the same one over and over, you can work it out.

So, I would do a repetitive song and dance with everyone I dated and later rather, than sooner, eventually call it quits. I would from there go through a series of miscellaneous half hearted relationships, if I can even call them that. Not quit sure if I would ever be able to trust Read More

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