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wtf friday…

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Really I get it. First, if someone wasn’t buying this music then the artists wouldn’t compete to make an even more silly song than their last. We are responsible not the artist. Everyone is trying to get it, blah, blah, blah…

(Listen to this parental statement)

Music used to mean something! (Can’t believe, this is where I am)

Even the songs that were crooned in an explicit manner or mentioned illegal actions tried to camouflage it with lighthearted code names and creative vernacular. I know you are thinking that Bust It Baby and A Bay Bay are creative as well, huh? WTF

They are but, isn’t it a little taboo to speak so candidly about some of these topics on a public forum. I don’t want to get into who raises your child, and the parent should parent, no the radio or television. I am clear on these views- but speaking about the village.

Lil Wayne discussed his desire to sex (his word is R rated)  every girl in the world. 504 boyz inform you that they can tell by the look in your eyes what your want to do with them. And Twista’s chorus is saying that the saturation has yet to reach its max. WTF

Don’t get me wrong…

In the privacy of my home, I can sing the words to some of these songs. But thinking in my getting old and wanting to have children one day mind. I don’t want my kids to have this music as an option. I am sometimes offended when I hear them in public.


1 Response to “What are you listening to…”

  1. August 8, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    i also think that this is tame compared to what the kids going to be listening to into their young adult lives.

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