The Road to A Better Me…

te·na·cious tuesday…


After completing my 21 Day Daniel Fast, I am still on a quest to become a better person- mind, body, and soul. I strive to feed every component of my being, by learning and challenging myself to try new ideas, and to explore to unexplored. These decisions have to be long term, or they turn into fads. I want to start a consciousness that I can instill in my future children, and expose my family and friends to.

Between the fast, the movie Food, inc., my weight, and my health I am convinced that I have to treat this one body I have like the temple it is. If I don’t respect it, who will, and I only have one to get me through this entire journey of life. I have to commit to the gym for the last time and become resilient in it. I have to feed my mind with knowledge- its key. I have to nurture my soul and protect it. It’s the key to my person- cant let anyone or anything beat it down, or discourage it.

I have to know that everyone that calls themselves friends aren’t. I must continue to recognize that everyone isn’t wishing me the success I desire. I now know that I can’t give just anyone the authority to pray over my life. I need to realize that nothing is an overnight success. Everything that I have ever done right took practice, trial and error, so these lifestyle changes will be no different. Tenacious people don’t rely on luck, fate, or destiny for their success. They keep working and trying when things get difficult.

They know that trying times are not the times for quitting. I know that, this is not the time for quitting. It’s the time for me to push harder than I ever have and to be more committed than ever. I encourage you, to reach for your dreams, hopes, and goals like never before. Study your religion and practice your beliefs. Be as tenacious for your personal goals, as you are for your employer, your family, and your friend’s goals….


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